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BodyCentric, A fusion of western and eastern philosophies and methodologies

Wellness is "an interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing healthy choices to create a more successful and balanced lifestyle" (DePaul University, 2003)

We facilitate lifestyle change through:

How we do it

  • Through science, education, and experience
  • A fusion of western and eastern philosophies and methodologies
  • Modalities include:

What we deliver

  • We are not your cookie cutter personal trainer or wellness coach. We educate, create and facilitate Fitnessoverall life satisfaction to suit individual needs.
  • Partnering with┬ádiversely educated professionals with 21 years of experience in the the growth of the physical, mental, and spiritual dimension.
  • Comprehensive solutions to enhance and balance your life!
  • Mentoring—client centered approach. We provide the skills and map, you decide your challenge and direction!
  • New life skill sets, positive health behaviors

More than just a fitness plan

BodyCentric helps individuals identify negative behavior and lifestyles choices that lead to significant lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, depression and anxiety. After identification, BodyCentric and its specialists develop and implement the necessary lifestyle skills and behaviors that will positively affect their mental and physical well-being.

We are highly effective with our clients because of our education, experience, commitment to our clients, and a true aptitude in this field.

Contact us directly to schedule an initial consultation and talk about your goals. Our wellbeing profile (PDF) may assist you with assessing or identifying your goals.

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