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Medical Fitness & Wellness

What we do

Each client will be visited by our licensed Kinesiotherapists ( RKT) and Certified Exercise Specialists, while working in collaboration with your personal Physicians and paraprofessionals to develop and implement  a post-rehabilitation/re-education program for reentry into your daily activities.

We believe in a integrative team approach which conveys an openness to multi-modalities and disciplines. 

For Who

Those who have been in an accident or have an injury, medicalPost rehabilitation complexities (MS, Spina bifida, neurological disorders) and metabolic conditions such as obesity and conditions associated with obesity ( high blood pressure and diabetes).

How & Where

At a private health clinic, health club, private residence, or other. We work in a variety of modalities; such as land based equipment, aquatic environments (cold and warm waters) as well as Pilates Reformer equipment. Upon your initial assessment, our professionals along with the client will determine which modalities best suit the condition and provide a positive outcome.