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BodyCentric Philosophy


BodyCentric's philosophy is based on the history of health and serves to remind us that health is a balance and is never static—it is a dynamic process of change.

Our mission is a health team approach, where we strive to work in collaboration with a multidynamic group of paraprofessionals designing and implementing the best possible comprehensive plan for the client. Our team serves as a mentor to the client. Identifying negative health behaviors that contribute to dis-ease, injury, illness and/ or low level functioning toward finding life skills that help navigate toward a healthier lifestyle.

Our philosophy mirrors the statement of Dr. Dean Ornish MD. Dr.Ornish: "Illness begins with "I", wellness begins with "WE".

BodyCentric focuses on the body (soma) as the foundation or starting point. In a Body - Centric system, the BODY IS THE PRIMAL DIMENSION OR INFORMATION SOUCE WHICH THEN SHAPES OTHER DIMENSIONS: mental, spiritual, emotional and social.

"The great gift of being in our world is the gift of the body."
- Stanley Keleman

"We carry in our bodies the whole history of evolution. When we go into our most primitive moments, the aquatic, we are on our most creative level"
- Harold Dull founder of Watsu®