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Seth is co-author, with Linda J. Buch, ACE Certified Exercise Specialist, of the 5-star rated book entitled The Commercial Break Workout, Trim and Tone Two Minutes at a Time as well as the Commercial Break Workout, the Couch Potatos Guide to Fitness.

The Commercial Break Workout, Trim and Tone Two Minutes at a Time   Commercial Break Workout, the Couch Potatos Guide to Fitness
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Seth's books have appeared in several well known magazines such as Shape Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Health, TV Guide and Bridal Guide.

Spiritual Wellness: A Theoretical Transpersonal Wellness Framework for the Workplace
by Seth Anne Snider-Copley

In the 21st century, diseases as well as life style dis-eases (the state contrary to man’s birthright) and an aging demographic have begun to negatively affect corporate bottom lines and human capital around the globe. To address these concerns, many government and corporate entities have implemented holistic (mind-body-spirit) wellness programs and health initiatives to achieve financial well-being of the business and enhance the personal well-being of employees. Although many wellness programs base their modules on those three dimensions, it is often the spiritual that is marginalized or neglected.

This paper will illuminate the plurality of spirit and how the differentiated meanings can be accepted, developed, and integrated more efficiently into lives and work. The idea is to create awareness of human elements and sensitivities that make up an organization or workplace by honoring the process of self-knowing.

This paper will also present a theoretical transpersonal framework for business which is a synthesis and elaboration of the following four elements of transpersonal concepts and practices: the hierarchy of needs model of Maslow, Csikszentmihalyi's concept of flow, and the AQAL all-quadrant, all level integral model of Wilber. Contact BodyCentric to read full thesis