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Wellness Counseling: Focusing on the Person as a Whole Being

What it is

wellness, body and mindWellness Counseling integrates body-based and cognitive techniques to develop step-by-step strategies to rapidly identify: where you are now, decide where you want to be, and create practical action steps to get there.

The benefits

  • Develops self knowing (ones character, innate strengths and limitations)
  • Enhances self-efficacy (situation-specific self confidence)
  • Develop life long strategies for enhancing positive health behaviors
  • Managing behavioral consequences (reinforcing and punishing)

How its done

Wellness counselors focus on the whole person. In addition to the physical you, there are the psychological, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, relational, and cultural parts of your life. Balance within and among these dimensions is essential to your wellbeing.

The body tells a story and it is there where the 'work’ begins'. So regardless of your goals: weight loss, increase functioning, increase health, decrease stress or simply to find balance in life. Wellness counseling helps you understand the relationship with your stories of the past and how they are the resource to your attaining your goals.

Q: What can I expect in a Wellness Counseling Session?

A: The first session is much like a meet and greet. We begin by acknowledging that we are in a partnership towards the betterment of your actions in life. Wellness counseling addresses the body first and foremost.

M.I.N.D.ful Living © and P.L.A.N. ©

Wellness is the mastery of one's physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Wellness counseling uses the M.I.N.D.ful Living © and P.L.A.N. © model as a guide and a navigator for helping the client gain self knowledge and life skills to encourage and support change. Our counselors help foster change by focusing on a client's stated agenda including needs, values, and goals and helping to bring out his/her personal best.

While behavioral and analytical psychologists and other therapists help clients understand how the past is influencing the present, Transpersonal psychotherapists focus on the present and help the client move towards the future through body-centered exercises and mindful techniques and exercises. Our Transpersonal psychotherapist does not make diagnoses and may recommend that clients seek a psychologist or therapist for additional treatment, if appropriate.

Clients think that having a wellness counselor can help them develop themselves beyond what they had personally envisioned for themselves. Having a wellness counselor is most effective when a client has decided to fully commit to making significant changes in one or more areas of his/her life.